102 chicken nuggets

why would you order 17 of 6 instead of 5 of 20… that shit’s expensive as hell

Getting 2 four pieces is cheaper then 1 6 piece know your nuggets

but getting 1 20 piece is cheaper than 3 6 pieces KNOW YOUR NUGGETS

this is how word problems for math books are started, isn’t it.

I like chicken nuggets

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Raven’s mom knows what’s up


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My face when I go to the pool and see hot guys cx

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I’m really sick of selfish pricks like this. >.> you can’t force people to fucking like you romantically and it’s not the fucking end of the world if ONE girl or guy doesn’t like you -.- there’s a trillion people in this world someone will like you. Seriously. Rant over.

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Last night, I dropped my cover of Ellie Goulding's “Hanging On” (originally by Active Child.)

So far the response has been extraordinary, so I want to give a huge thanks to all the people who listened and shared it first!

Now let’s get it to 1000 views! Reblog it, give it a thumbs up, and leave a comment!

Kinnecom’s official cover of Ellie Goulding’s “Hanging On” (originally by Active Child) is now streaming!

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If I ever hear anyone saying this shit around me I will beat their ass

It’s fucking ridicules we even have to tell people this shit. It’s fucking common sense.

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5 Seconds of Summer

Studio version of amnesia!

Download with the Xkit extension Audio+

Cause I’m really not fine at all TT_TT

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I would just like to say fuck you to everyone who made me feel inadequate growing up and ruining my self esteem for years. You all suck and I’m glad I don’t talk to any of you any more. 

Fuck you alllllllll

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140606 - One Nation Hiphop Concert in Tokyo
Jay showing off his moobs and giving a flying kiss ©



Bob Ross soothes and calms and makes me happy like nothing else I’ve ever known.

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